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Our quality charter

Vehicles appraised :

Before being offered at public auction, each vehicle undergoes a technical multi-inspection by an independent operator.


124 points of control are performed on each vehicle.



Vehicles prepared :

Each vehicle presented for sale is carefully prepared. Our teams wash shined aspire vehicles before they are presented to the public exhibitions.


Complete and consultable folders :

At exhibitions, folders of each vehicle are available on request at reception. This allows you to learn about the origin, administrative documents, bills of repairs and all relevant information to your future acquisition.


Historical maintenance :

More than 50% of the models presented, followed by a historical summary and full maintenance is affixed to the windshield during exhibitions. For other vehicles, maintenance booklet may be asked to show personal.






Staff devoted to exhibitions

Every Sunday from 14h to 18h, our staff is available to help you start the vehicle, look at the engine, equipment, options and to explain the operation of a public auction. This is an opportunity to request estimates for each vehicle.


+ From 10 000 vehicles sold per year gives us an accurate picture of prices on models.



Estimates displayed

In connection with the Argus, we give for each vehicle presented the standard Argus coast. It is affixed to the windshield during exhibitions.

You can ask our staff the kilometred quotation (weighted by the mileage of the vehicle) to get a clearer idea of its estimate. The entire Argus, in the interests of transparency, is posted on our fairgrounds.