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Mercier Auction

Mercier Auction is an auction company specialized in the equipment of Public Works, Heavy Duty, Tools, new and used. The company is located in the Pathoekeweg business area on the outskirts of Brugge for Belgium as well as in Vendeville (Lille) and Cavaillon for France. Sales take place every one to two months, directly on site. The opportunity is given to buyers to see the material as well as to test it before sales. It is possible to bid on site, or on the internet during the sale.


Individuals and professionals can participate and bid. The possibility of selling through our structure is also given to all, at no cost. The peculiarity of Mercier Auction lies in its principle of transparency with regard to the condition of the materials sold, as well as in its dedication to its customers, sellers as buyers, by promoting the development of professional partnerships over the long term.