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Thanks to our heavyweight auction formula, it is possible to acquire them at an affordable cost. To make good business, discover in our fleet a varied choice of vehicles from prestigious brands.

The characteristics of cheap, second-hand heavy goods vehicles

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle of more than 3.5t, you’re in luck! We offer heavy duty auction trucks in excellent working order. Functional and reliable, they are dedicated to passenger transport. Trolleybuses, buses and coaches are examples. Practical and robust, they are also used for product transport. This range includes articulated vehicles, carriers and road trains. To comply with the legislation in force, the design of our inexpensive heavy goods vehicles includes a tachograph. It is a time and speed recorder.

To comply with the European standard, our heavy goods vehicles have a maximum length of 18.75 metres. The permissible load capacity is 40 tonnes. However, French legislation has its own specific requirements – the maximum length of buses without articulated section is 13.5 meters. This length is 18.75 meters for a bus with an articulated section. It is 24.5 meters for a bus with two articulated sections. The powers vary according to the models and their uses. As an indication, the 6x6 tractor or the large American trucks are equipped with a power which can exceed a 700 horsepower. It should be noted that our heavy goods vehicles at auction comply with the European emission standard.

Heavy goods vehicle ranges for auction

Depending on the availability of second-hand trucks in our fleet, you can choose between the different models available to you. The armoured van is highly sought after by professionals operating in the transport of goods. It has a body volume that varies according to the model and power of the vehicle. Frozen products require the use of a heavy refrigerated truck. Maintained at a temperature of -25°C and +25°C, its insulated case makes it possible to preserve perishable products during transport.

In the range of heavy goods vehicles for passenger transport, our fleet offers a wide choice of coaches. Dedicated to long-distance seated travel, they are equipped with comfortable seats and seat belts. Our bus models allow passengers to sit or stand. Our fleet also includes a wide range of inexpensive trucks. They range from robust tarpaulins to tipper trucks with 4-wheel steering and tipper trucks. Our tractors and towed units are robust, reliable and functional.

Is buying a heavy goods truck at auction an advantage?

Heavy goods vehicles offered for auction are accompanied by an expert report. Elaborated by a professional, this document relates the good general state of the vehicle. Having been subjected to a traffic test, it also contains an assessment of the engine and its various functions. Choosing the auction to acquire your heavy goods truck offers a guarantee in terms of quality. The maintenance log also gives you an idea of the ‘good health’ of your future acquisition.

The advantage of choosing a heavy goods truck t at auction is also on the financial level. With a cost reduced by more than half the price, you can make significant savings! With this form of purchase, you can make your dream come true: to become the owner of a commercial vehicle of such size. Are you thinking of doing good business? Test our auction formula. We first invite you to consult our sales catalogue. Then simply choose and place your bid!

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