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The French heavy goods truck manufacturer, Renault, present us its range of industrial and commercial vehicles. Offered for auction, these second-hand Renault trucks give you the opportunity to do good business.

The characteristics of Renault’s second-hand heavy goods vehicles

Like the brand's vehicles, Renault trucks at auction can be identified by the diamond-shaped logo. As in the beginning, they are distinguished by innovative, practical and ingenious models. At first glance, they can be easily identified thanks to the logo located in the central position on the front. Equipped with powerful motors, they can transport lots of goods. Some models are also suitable for conveying cars. The interior of the cab has been carefully designed to offer maximum comfort to the driver and his teammate.

Second-hand Renault trucks have been certified to guarantee their performance. The diagnosis made by an expert affects many control points. The vehicles offered for auction comply with current safety standards. They have excellent road handling and are not afraid of rough terrain. In ecological terms, the latest models are less and less polluting. The same applies to the reduction in diesel consumption, which significantly reduces the allocated expenditure.

Truck ranges offered for auction

Although we offer many inexpensive Renault truck models, the products available in our fleet may vary from day to day. Among the categories that exist are distribution, delivery, construction, long distance and special vehicles. For information, the G range includes tractors and forwarders. Robust and reliable, the tractors can pull a load of 44 tons. The carriers support a load of 26 tons. Engine power fluctuates from 180 to 340 horsepower.

In the Renault construction truck range, the brand offers the Kerax Xtrem. With a power of 290 to 490 horsepower, this large carrier can carry a load of 50 tons. This model is available in 3 cab versions: deep, global and short. In the range of carriers for urban distribution, the brand offers the Midlum range. The engines have a power ranging from 135 to 300 horsepower to support a load from 7.5 to 18 tons. The Optifuel device makes this model a fuel saver for heavy goods vehicles.

Why buy a Renault heavy goods vehicle at auction?

Buying your second-hand Renault truck at auction remains the best way to do good business. It allows you to become the owner of a top-of-the-range heavy goods vehicle at a good price/quality ratio. Most of the time, the acquisition cost is lower than the one displayed in the argus. It is thus possible to acquire a very recent second-hand truck at a price that defies competition. This system of sale ensures a serene and transparent purchase.

What are the important points to participate in the second-hand Renault truck auction? It is essential to attend the exhibition of the vehicle located on the website. This allows one to check the quality of the vehicle and the compliance of the specifications with the descriptions. It is also an opportunity to identify possible defects. Please note: to the final price are added additional charges such as auction fees. Why choose a Renault truck? The brand holds several “Truck of the Year” awards: 1983 (G260), 1991 (AE Magnum), 2015 (Renault T). This definitely says something about its quality!

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