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The German car manufacturer offers its prestigious Mercedes truck range on the market. Thanks to the auction formula, it is now possible to acquire a Mercedes truck at an attractive price.

The main characteristics of Mercedes trucks

Mercedes trucks are designed for robustness, comfort and safety. They are used for many purposes, such as transporting lots of goods and transporting cars. They are part of the L and LP class which includes vehicles equipped with bodywork of the Road Tractor type. For the record, the first truck was built in 1896. Equipped with an engine at the rear, its total weight allowed under load is 1.5 tons. Since then, the company has continued to produce numerous models while making improvements in performance and aesthetics.

Many companies have adopted our cheap Mercedes trucks because of their high profitability. Equipped with high-performance engines, they have a high acceleration capacity. Suitable for long-haul transport, they have a low emission level. Buying a second-hand Mercedes truck at auction is the perfect combination of ecology and economy. Although fuel consumption is falling, your vehicle offers you maximum efficiency and performance.

A wide range of Mercedes trucks offered for auction

The diversification of Mercedes truck models at auction is aimed at customer satisfaction. They have the chance to find the vehicle that meets the needs of their activities. To replace the heavy SK range, the manufacturer offers the Mercedes Actros. These long-haul trucks are available in several power ratings ranging from 420 to 510 horsepower. They support a CVWR of 18 to 26 tonnes. Dimensions vary by model. 20m3 lorry: L7.10m x W2.15m x H3.40m. 60m3 heavy goods vehicles: L11.50m x W2.55m x H4.00m.

Suitable for city driving, the Atego Mercedes truck range consists of pickup-distribution trucks. With a displayed power of 130 to 290 horsepower, the CVWR varies from 7.5 to 16 tons. Depending on their needs, customers can choose between a short or a long cabin. The SK category includes the heavy-duty range of Mercedes straight trucks. Launched in 1988, the vehicles are distinguished by their high power ranging from 260 to 530 horsepower to support loads from 16 to 22 tons. Note that the vehicles offered for auction depend on their availability in our fleet.

Why participate in Mercedes truck auctions?

As a reminder, the principle of an auction is simple: the Mercedes heavy goods vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. You are the lucky beneficiary if you offer the best price offer. With this method, you can acquire your rolling stock at an unbeatable price. By experience, the purchase price can go up to more than 50% of the cost posted on the market. The auction also allows collectors to acquire old models of Mercedes trucks that are no longer on the market.

The quality of the vehicles remains, because these second-hand Mercedes trucks are certified. This certification is a guarantee of their mechanical and electrical components. It is obtained after a long evaluation process. This includes a detailed inspection of the structure and the tyres approved by Mercedes-Benz. It also includes the aesthetic inspection of the bodywork and windows from the factory. This advantage is of paramount importance, as it ensures vehicle performance and driver safety. You can now make good deals by participating in the auction of our Mercedes trucks.

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