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MAN trucks are manufactured by the German MAN Truck&Bus group. They are distinguished by their high performance for specific tasks. Participating in our second-hand MAN truck auctions is a great way to do business.

The main features of MAN trucks

The company has multiple ranges of MAN heavy goods trucks. What they have in common is their improved efficiency. This is the result of combining maximum power with low fuel consumption. The motorisation coupled to the equipment variants allows these top-of-the-range vehicles to adapt to extreme conditions, even on sites that are difficult to access. Robust and reliable, our vehicles can handle many kilometres with a high profitability.

Our second)hand MAN trucks are easy to handle and offer a high level of safety, equipped with a driver assistance system. They cover a wide range of applications and activities: long-haul transport, construction and concrete, agriculture and forestry. They also serve public works such as fire and rescue services, waste disposal and street cleaning. With more space, their interior features an improved rest area with more free space and storage.

The ranges of heavy goods vehicles offered for auction

It is good to know that the availability of vehicles in our fleet may vary from day to day. MAN trucks range from compact 3-ton models to powerful 250-ton models. The company also produces vehicles for public transportation such as buses, coaches and bus chassis. Second-hand MAN trucks are grouped into 4 categories: the affordable and ecological (MAN TGX), the powerful and powerful (MAN TGS), the versatile and versatile (MAN TGM) and the multi-talented, manoeuvrable vehicles (MAN TGL).

To add value to each range, the latest MAN truck models are fitted with special equipment. To attract all eyes, the top-of-the-range pack includes shiny chrome bumpers. The pneumatic horns emit an original sound. For more aesthetics, the driver's cab is dressed in an exclusive design with leather seats. The air suspension with lumbar support offers total driver comfort. With its short wheelbase, the MAN TGL can be used on narrow construction sites in city centres.

What assets do MAN truck auctions present?

The auction is a sales system that allows private individuals and professionals to acquire a MAN heavy goods truck at a low price. Buying a vehicle with this formula represents a financial advantage. It allows significant savings ranging from 20 to 50% and beyond. The second advantage is the good condition of the MAN truck. Having passed a recent technical visit, it has good reliability and is fully functional for your activities. Some models are even certified by experts, which is a guarantee of quality. Please be aware, however, that the rolling stock in our fleet is of high quality and meets the standards.

In order to successfully acquire a second-hand MAN heavy goods vehicle, a few rules are necessary. Evaluate the general condition of the vehicle and check its history. You can avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments. To know whether or not there is an objection to the sale, require the administrative certificate. At the MAN truck auction, you are the winner by offering the highest bid. In this case, remember that you must pay in cash. For your safety, make sure you’re covered by insurance to bring your vehicle back by road.

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