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Discover our range of IVECO heavy goods trucks offered for auction. Robust, reliable and aesthetically pleasing, these cheap trucks let you make good deals.

The main characteristics of IVECO trucks

Owing to their performance, IVECO trucks have been named Truck of the Year several times: Eurocargo (1992, 1996), Eurotech (1993), Stralis (2003), Stralis Hi-Way (2013). These recognitions are proof of the quality and reliability of these rolling stock. They are dedicated for the transport of lots of goods. There are also suitable models for transporting vehicles. The new IVECO trucks offered for auction benefit from improvements. To maximise driving pleasure, the interior offers more comfort and the engine remains exceptionally quiet.

Technological developments have been incorporated in the design of these vehicles. Thanks to your connected mobile device, handling will be all the more easier. From a tablet or smartphone, the driver can adjust his/her driving style. The use of these cheap IVECO trucks reduces fuel consumption by 15%. With a 5mm thickness, the steel frame offers a great robustness and a high, unparalleled resistance. For the last ranges, the load capacity is higher.

A varied range of IVECO vehicles offered for auction

Note that second-hand IVECO trucks at auction depend on the models available in our fleet. For information, the brand has 13 ranges of vehicles in this category, the main ones being: Eurocargo (271 models), Eurotech (43 models), Stralis (438 models), Trakker (198 models), Daily (15 models). The Eurocargo is classified in medium tonnage. The gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR is 6.5 to 19 tonnes. The models are grouped into 6 categories: regional, distribution, municipalities, construction sites, natural power and off road. Depending on the models available at auction, this truck can have a short cab, a deep cab or a double cab.

STRALIS is in the IVECO heavy goods vehicle class for large tonnage. This top-of-the-range vehicle is among the latest generation in the range. Its design is suitable for conveying heavy loads. The GVWR is 54 tonnes in the U.S., 60 tonnes in Europe and 120 tonnes in Australia. With 250 to 470 horsepower, the EUROTRAKKER class is dedicated to military and public works (earthwork) applications. The CVWR ranges from 18 to 72 tonnes. The more comfortable the driving, the more recent models benefit from automated gearbox.

What are the assets of an IVECO truck at auction?

The auction is an exceptional event that brings together sellers and buyers. One of the strong points certainly remains the varied range of vehicles proposed. To ensure quality, it is best to attend the presentation of the cheap IVECO trucks on sale. The latter passed the technical visit before being put on sale. Future buyers can find a detailed description of the vehicle in the form presented. Its existence is a significant advantage, because it makes it possible to assess the condition of rolling stock.

Financially, buying a second-hand IVECO truck is still the best way to make significant savings. The vehicles come from the liquidations of stores or seizures by the police. It is thus possible to have attractive costs with a discount presenting 50% of the amount of the argus. It should be noted that these vehicles are obtained with a good quality/price ratio because they subjected to expert assessment before being made available at the auction. To protect yourself from risks and/or unpleasant surprises, check the truck's history. Make good deals with our IVECO heavy goods vehicles at auction!

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