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The DAF trucks offered for auction are distinguished by their power and performance. They are suitable for loading batches for mass distribution. Robust and reliable, they can also transport cars safely.

The main characteristics of DAF trucks

Offering unparalleled driving comfort, DAF trucks stand as market leaders. This is how they have become the reference in long-distance road transport. The brand owes this excellent reputation to its philosophy: DAF Transport Efficiency. Equipped with powerful engines, these second-hand DAF trucks offer optimal performance. Improved functionality offers a total security guarantee.

From an aesthetic point of view, these DAF trucks are distinguished by their attractive design with a well thought-out chassis. The latest ranges are equipped with an aerodynamic profile. This quality further increases transport efficiency. Passenger comfort is not to be outdone thanks to the spacious interior. With excellent driving quality, driving long distances does not cause fatigue. During loading and unloading, stops and restarts are effortless.

A wide range of DAF trucks for auction

Our fleet offers a wide selection of second-hand DAF vehicles for all budgets. Depending on their availability, the models presented for auction may vary from one day to another. These trucks all benefit from the latest technological innovations. In order to achieve maximum fuel economy, they are equipped with power trains. For optimal transport efficiency, the company adopts a DAF Connect fleet management system.

For better visibility, the passenger door has an optional bottom window. DAF auction trucks have a luxurious new interior and elegant exterior design. The front is equipped with a line of silver calender. The redesigned DAF logo gives a touch of youth and novelty. The general line of the bodywork is simplified, while giving off a refined style. Categorised among the best distribution vehicles, they have better efficiency and a higher load capacity.

How to choose a DAF heavy goods truck at auction?

The assets of DAF trucks can be summed up in these 3 points: reliability, manoeuvrability and comfort. The choice is made according to the payload which will be in adequacy with the needs of your activity. As an indication, the LF DAF heavy goods vehicle carrier version is available for a load capacity ranging from 7.5 to 12 tonnes. The corresponding chassis length is 3.05 meters to 5.40 meters. By remaining in the same LF range, vehicles with a load capacity from 14 tonnes to 16 tonnes are available with 9 chassis lengths. The dimensions vary between 3.25 meters to 6.30 meters. The loads ranging from 18 tons to 19 tons correspond to lengths from 3.45 meters to 6.25 meters.

Next come other priority criteria such as the general chassis condition of DAF trucks. The check is carried out on the possible presence of traces of corrosion. The application of a magnet is a simple technique for locating patches. Its hanging on the surface is a good sign. The fitting of the vehicle is then essential to do good business. It is used to check the condition of the clutch and brake system as well as the hand brake. Make sure that the cylinder head gasket is not cracked or out of order. What type of goods are to be transported? Is the truck for personal or commercial use? Ask yourself the right questions before taking part in the DAF truck auction.

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