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General Terms and Conditions of Business


Mercier society organizes and conducts Automobiles public auctions of vehicles and other equipment that are applicable to the general provisions of these terms.


Mercier Automobiles acting as agent for the seller and is not party to the sale, linking only the buyer and seller of the lot.




The vehicles are presented from back leasing , credit companies , car manufacturers , fleet owners and various owners. From the vehicle is perfectly known.


The vehicles are sold as is , as entrusted to Mercier Automobiles.


Passenger cars , companies, utilities All vehicles are subject to a voluntary technical inspection ( vehicles less than 4 years) or regulation (vehicles over 4 years ), prepared in 124 checkpoints and carried out in an approved control prefecture .


HGV > 3,5 tons: the vehicles are sold with or without MOT and Mercier Automobiles inform buyers the presence or absence of it ( closer sales teams if needed) .


The content of this control is subject to strict and precise regulations . It requires total independence technical control vis-à -vis any activity related to the repair or automobile trade. Technical control is neutral , impartial and objective.


In addition, some vehicles coming back from leasing are presented with their service history .


Vehicles are also subject to dynamic control you copy the windshield at the public exhibition of vehicles park.




Each sale is preceded by a public exhibition of the lots on the site of the sale (see date and time depending on the nature of the sale and the sites).


These exhibitions aim essentially to allow prospective buyers to evaluate the condition and the nature of the vehicles sold.


On the other hand , staff Mercier Automobiles stands available to the public for open vehicles (cars , light commercial vehicles , PL) , access , provide information and assist buyers in their purchasing process..


Most vehicles can benefit from a mechanical warranty that you can purchase in addition to the sale price (see section mechanical warranties purchasing guide) with our partner .


You can also buy term insurance for 2, 7, 15 or 30 days , allowing you to enjoy the time needed to compare different offers from insurance companies ..


Finally, we can perform on your behalf the necessary registration steps in the prefecture of the vehicle , thus preventing you to move ( ask about the conditions from the reception staff ) .




The operator of voluntary sale is a member of the Central Register of unpaid prevention Auctioneers from which payment incidents are likely to registration .


The rights of access, rectification and opposition for legitimate reasons are to be exercised by the obligor with the Symev 15 rue Freycinet 75016 Paris .




If you can not physically participate in the public auction , you can still attend the sale and bid online through our LIVE sales system .


For that, prior to the sale , you must register here, providing your postal address and a valid email address. This registration is free .


Mercier Automobiles reserves the right to deny access to a user.


You will also need to pay a deposit of 1000 Euro VAT payment card . Your bank details will be verified through a secure payment system .


Mercier Automobiles do not store credit card information . In addition, the credit card is not debited .


The fixed deposit of 1000 Euro VAT will be canceled on the credit card at the time of settlement.


If Internet auction an invoice will be established not taking into account the deposit that has been filed .


The deposit will be refunded after full settlement of the invoice .


Disclosure of identifiers ( email and password ) to a third party is the sole responsibility of the user. In case of non -payment on time , the user is then exposed to the closure of its account .




During the sale , anyone with an auction and declared a ” purchaser” of a lot must give staff Mercier Automobiles document proving his identity ( ID card, passport, Kbis ) and a deposit ( check made easy in order Mercier Automobiles , cash deposit or blue card).


The pronouncing of the word ” awarded ” by the Auctioneer , the highest bidder is declared ” purchaser” of the lot.



The sale is expressly made in cash .


  • Several payment methods are allowed:
  • Payment by certified check : check issued by the bank on behalf of the buyer
  • Payment by credit card: first , the need to temporarily uncap your card from your bank.
  • Cash authorized to ? 3,000 ( selling and folder included to comply with the legislation in force on the subject) .


VAT is reclaimable on many vehicles for persons subject .





>> Download Fee Schedule in PDF format


Passenger car sales , corporations and utilities.


Sliding scale per applicable to voluntary sales :

  • from 1 to 3000 ? 15% VAT in the amount of award
  • beyond 3000 ? 12% VAT in the amount of award


Legal fixed scale applicable to judicial sales : 

  • 14.40% VAT amount of tender


At these auction fees must also add fees in the amount of ? 99 incl VAT covering the provision of the vehicle, as well as administrative expenses technical control costs.


On the other hand , in case of purchase through the system INTERNET SALE LIVE, an additional interest of 30 ? per vehicle purchased will be required for the cost of using the service.


Total selling expenses TTC = tendering costs incl VAT + file + charges SALE LIVE TTC*

*only for purchases LIVE INTERNET


Sales heavyweights :


Fixed scale applied to sales heavyweights :

  • 12% VAT in the amount of award. Plus VAT


As a reminder , sales of trucks are carried out taxes. Plus VAT .




The issuance and removal of vehicles takes place once the settlement.


Upon settlement , you will be issued a folder containing all the technical and administrative documents of the vehicle (VP, VUL , PL ) in order to proceed with the registration of the vehicle in the prefecture (mutation gray card).


The removal of vehicles must take place no later than the Friday following the sale. After this time, late penalties will be charged by the contractor Mercier Automobiles (18 ? TTC / day of babysitting fees ) .


To remove the vehicle , the contractor must have previously subscribed car insurance. Mercier Automobiles can not be held liable for any verbalization due to a lack of insurance.


As of the provision , the contractor is subject to the regulations on traffic , public or private transport, labor regulations, regarding the materials that must be brought into compliance , and all legal obligations related to the use of the vehicle.




Provisions common to deliveries within the European Union and exports outside the European Union.


The following paragraph applies only to vehicles advertised “sold with VAT .”


The export can be done only when the car is announced ” SOLD WITH ORIGINAL CARD GREY “. This means it is available and it will not immediately surrender. The export must be made within a maximum of 30 days of sale for both the European Union and all other countries. After this period, the export can not be subject to the VAT refund


In all cases individuals wishing to export are advised to check all the administrative documents in folders.


This diligence is the sole responsibility of those wishing to export property.


Mercier Automobiles SAS can not be held responsible for that because each recipient country has its own rules.



Delivery in the European Union


For professional obligation to give prior to the sale :

  • number of intra -community VAT , with proof of validity
  • trade (equivalent Kbis ) register
  • any document proving the identity of the manager (ID , passport).


The VAT exemption is only possible on the condition that the buyer deliver to MERCIER AUTOMOBILES original waybill (CMR) covered by the carrier and the customer proving delivery of the vehicle in another Member State or country a copy of the registration card of the vehicle in another Member State.


Regulation should only be carried out by a foreign bank from the acquiring company .



Exports outside the European Union


The purchaser must necessarily go through a freight referenced in MERCIER AUTOMOBILES (CAR INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT AGENCY ROUSSEL or EUGENE mussche ) .


The buyer must once export within the period of 30 days mentioned above, contact MERCIER AUTOMOBILES copy “3” document ” EX 1 ” under the customs office of exit from the vehicle. It is mandatory that this document ” EX 1″ do appear MERCIER AUTOMOBILES as sender.


VAT refund be made within two months following the submission of evidence to MERCIER AUTOMOBILES only by bank on behalf of the purchaser or any other name as official proxy written in French by the purchaser.