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Telescopic handler auction

Discover our range of second-hand telescopic handlers, which constitute quality equipment. Do you want to do good business? We invite you to participate in our auction.

Characteristics of second-hand telescopic handlers

Our low-cost telescopic handler – which can move loads to and from places unreachable for a conventional forklift truck – is part of the category of work equipment for handling. Its main function is to facilitate the transport of heavy loads at height and/or at a distance. Functional and reliable, it is widely used on construction sites. With its variable reach, this telehandler can move the load upwards or forwards. With a length varying from 4 to 20 meters, it has several segments that extend or retract depending on the order. Even on sloping construction sites, it is kept stable by maintaining its horizontality thanks to the levelling device. This functionality is obtained thanks to the articulated bridge which follows the slope of the ground.

To reach high targets, the second-hand telescopic handler has a long reach boom. The fork at its end makes it easier to handle tools at height. As a genuinely multi-purpose machine, loader shovels, cradles or excavators can also be fixed on it. You can choose between two types of transmission: mechanical and hydraulic. Thanks to the stability indicator, the telescopic handler emits a light signal or automatically stops movement in the event of a problem. Note that the presence of stabilizer increases the safety of the handler. It also increases lifting capacity.

The ranges of telescopic handlers sold at auction

According to their availability, you can find affordable telescopic handlers in our park, with popular brands recognised on the international market including Caterpillar, JCB… To support you in your search, let us present you some models. The heavy-duty telescopic handler is distinguished by its high performance. Thanks to its robustness, it is recommended for handling in public works and in the extractive industry. As an indication, the average lifting capacity is 10 tons.

The rotating telescopic handler is a truly robust and versatile machine. Its asset: 360° rotation capacity. You do not need to move it to perform the different handling operations. Dedicated for industrial applications, it also acts as a nacelle and crane. An all-terrain machine, this telescopic 4-wheel drive is designed to adapt to ground instability. Its multiple compatible accessories give it a high performance allowing it to perform the toughest tasks.

What are the assets of our telescopic handlers?

Our second-hand telescopic handlers retain their full functionality. Like new machines, they lift heavy loads with minimal effort. Recent models combine lift and electrical controls on a single lever. Among the many advantages that each machine offers you, let us quote the high capacity of lifting, traction and push – thanks to the extendable arm, the simultaneous transport of heavy loads at great distances and heights also remains an advantage. Please note: our telescopic handlers have successfully passed all technical specifications before being put on the market. The certificate thus guarantees the quality and reliability of our machines, all like the other work equipment in its range.

Why choose the auction to acquire your telescopic handler? This is the best option to save money. The transfer price represents half and sometimes even a third of the argus price. It should be remembered that we have a varied range of models according to their availability: super compact and compact, standard and high lift, heavy load handler (7.2 tons for a range of 10 meters). For good deals, opt for a telescopic handler!