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Semi-trailer auctions

Our range of auctioned trailers is dedicated to professionals in the transport sector. Robust and reliable, these trucks perfectly meet their needs in terms of safety.

The characteristics of our used semi-trailers

The semi-trailer is the rear part that makes up an articulated vehicle. It can transport large volumes of goods. To be ready for driving, it must be connected to a road tractor by means of a fifth wheel. With no engine, its front part rests on vertical axles resting on the ground. Robust and straight, these crutches support the weight of the load. Hooking and uncoupling can be controlled hydraulically. When the machine is released from the tractor, it remains in balance. To fulfil its role as a rolling vehicle, the rear is fitted with tires.

Our second-hand semi-trailers comply with the regulations in force. The gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR is governed by R312-4. A semi-trailer with 4 axles or less has a maximum GVWR of 38 tonnes. The 5 axle model is 40 tons. Vehicles with more than 5 axles can support a load of up to 44 tonnes. The dimensions of these trucks vary according to the brand and use, but are always in compliance with standards. As an indication, a standard semi-trailer for the transport of goods measures 13.60m in length, 2.40m in width and 2.60m in height for a payload of 25,000kg.

h2>Types of semi-trailers offered for auction

Our auction site offers a wide choice of auction trailers. Their design is suitable for the transport of bulk goods. Equipped with one or more axles, they can be single or twin wheels. If you want to save money during empty trips, opt for the model with lift axles. Wheels tend to wear in curves. To avoid this, use self-steering axles that slow down wear. Semi-trailers are also dedicated to many special jobs.

Depending on the goods, there are several types of semi-trailers. For the transport of wood, we offer log trays or container trays. Breeders will want to consider the cattle truck to transport farm animals or horses. Tippers are recommended for public works (earthwork). Semi-trailers are also dedicated to many special jobs. Examples: logging vehicles, mining vehicles, rescue vehicles…

How to choose your semi-trailers at auction?

To determine the ideal cheap semi-trailer, it is important to consider its general condition and the operation of its engine. Note, however, that the model to be acquired must meet your needs. How to choose your vehicle body, for instance? If you plan to use it for construction sites, the dump trailer will do. Functional and fast, it loads and unloads by tipping on the side or back. With a large load capacity, it can transport rubble, sand… If you plan to transport industrial parts with a high height, prefer the flatbed semi-trailer. Suitable for this type of activity, it features a lowered platform that facilitates the loading of parts.

Which heavy goods vehicle is suitable for transporting perishable goods? Consider the refrigerated semi-trailer. Its advantage: the possibility to regulate temperature according to your needs. Depending on their availability in our fleet, we offer class A or class C. The first offers a temperature varying from 0 to +12 degrees Celsius, the second can go down to -20 degrees Celsius. To transport liquids, the semi-trailer tank truck offers maximum safety for chemicals and food liquids. How can you find the right product and do good business? Simply by taking part in our auction!