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Second-hand tractors at auction

Find the second-hand tractor model that suits your needs. Multifunctional and efficient, these work machines have become indispensable in many sectors.

Features of our cheap, second-hand tractors

The tractor is a rolling vehicle that integrates the heavy goods vehicle category. It is equipped with wheels or tracks. Equipped with great power, its main function is to tow another non-motorised vehicle. It is often used in rural areas, particularly in the agricultural sector. It is referred to as an agricultural tractor. Its role is to tow equipment to work the soil, tow a trailer to collect the harvest, sow… Forest tractors consist of robust machines that are distinguished by their manoeuvrability on slopes and in the wooded environment. They are suitable for forestry work such as skidding, logging… In silviculture, they facilitate planting in buckets.

Auction tractors have the following basic features. They are equipped with a diesel engine. With up to 700 horsepower, they are capable of the most intensive work with a heavy load. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic power unit to operate the auxiliary accessories such as the lift or the shovel. The power take-off makes it possible to connect the utility equipment, in particular the mower, the shredder, the mower… Provided with a roll bar, the pilot station ensures the control of your second-hand tractor.

What you need to know about second-hand tractors

To make the right choice at a tractor auction, it is necessary to know some basic information. Usually, power is expressed in horsepower. Do note, however, that on certain models, it is defined by the number of cylinders and by the total cylinder capacity in cm3. If the machine has a gearbox, a minimum of 6 gears is required. To avoid excessive use of the gearbox, a hydrostatic transmission automatically ensures speed progression. Whether it is a 2 or 4-wheel drive, your second-hand tractor has a high traction power to accomplish the toughest tasks.

In order to ensure its functionality, the tractor at auction includes regulatory equipment. To reduce excessive sound volume, the engine is covered with an encapsulation system as well as a silent system. Essential for safety, the roll bar protects the driver from accidents. The use of these machines on the road is subject to strict standards. To be visible to other drivers, the rear has a red and reflective device. In addition, the front is equipped with white headlights.

Do good business with our auctions

Did you know that buying your tractor at auction is an opportunity to make significant savings? The gears are sold at a discount of at least half the argus price. Thanks to this formula of purchase to the highest bidder, you become the owner of a prestigious brand’s equipment with the required qualities. Before being presented on the market, each product has successfully passed technical specifications before the competent authorities. For future buyers, this constitutes a guarantee on its general state, but also on the operation of the engine. How to do good business and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises? Prior consultation of the technical data sheet is essential. It informs you about all the technical details and sometimes the existing defects. After getting an idea of the condition of the rolling stock, comb through its history. If possible, attend the presentation session of the cheap tractor before the auction. Please note: take note of the prices on the market. This prevents you from making an over- or under-estimated offer!