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Road tractors at auction

Buying a second-hand road tractor in an auction has its advantages. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to know the basics on these heavy goods vehicles.

The characteristics of our second-hand road tractors

The road tractor is a rolling machine without a body. Equipped with an articulated device, its main function is to tow a semi-trailer. It has a harness at the back – a lockable platform. The latter ensures the connection with the semi-trailer’s king pin. Like all tractors in Europe, the machines in our fleet comply with European standards. They are equipped with electronic clamping, an accessory that limits their speed to 90km per hour. The semi-trailer is not motorised and has a bodywork. The style of this hull is variable according to the brands and models.

On a mechanical level, our cheap road tractors are equipped with a diesel engine with turbo boost. Depending on the prototypes, the powers fluctuate between 250 and 680 horsepower. The gearbox has 8 to 18 speeds. Note that before being put on the market, our trucks have successfully passed technical specifications. This is a guarantee of their general condition as well as of their functioning. To know the specifications, it is enough to consult the sheet dedicated to the products. Available for future buyers, it provides a clear view of the machine and its performance.

Road tractors offered for auction

We offer a wide range of solo tractors depending on the type of cab. You can choose the tractor with conventional cab. It is distinguished by the position of the engine compartment on the front, in front of the driver’s cab. Depending on the model, it has a berth that is either integrated into the cabin or can be converted. The tractor with forward cab houses the engine underneath. This so-called “flat nose” configuration is typical of most heavy goods vehicles in Europe. Tilting the cab forward allows the engine to be serviced.

Note that the road tractors at auction in our fleet vary according to their availability. Because of their design, they cannot transport goods directly. This operation is performed by the semi-trailer. They are efficient and are the most sought-after vehicle when it comes to long distance transport. They are suitable for transporting food products, household appliances, furniture… Some models are designed for special or even dangerous products such as gas bottles or petrol. They meet the needs of professionals at both urban and regional levels.

Why buy an auctioned road tractor?

Our road tractors at auction meet safety standards for the transport of goods. Their large storage capacity, combined with high engine power, make these trucks a must for professionals. Ideal for long-haul transport, they represent an economically profitable formula by allowing a large volume of product load. Enjoy the comfort of our advanced cab tractors with increased turning capacity. They have good adaptability to European winding roads. If you want more space, opt for the model with conventional cab.

Buying a tractor by auction is an undeniable financial advantage. With a reduction of 50% or even more of the silver price, it is possible to obtain a branded heavy goods vehicle at an attractive cost. In order to make a good acquisition and avoid problems, some precautions are necessary. The consultation of the certificate guarantees the non-existence of any discrepancies. Checking the history protects you from unpleasant surprises. What is the best way to do good business? To take part in the auction of our road tractors!