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Loaders at auction

Enjoy our range of second-hand loaders, construction machines of exceptional quality. Their acquisition at auction offers you many advantages, especially in financial terms.

The characteristics of our second-hand loaders

The cheap loader is a motorised work equipment. It is used to load trucks into earthworks. Practical and functional, it features an articulated body housing a powerful engine that produces a significant forward thrust. Its front part is equipped with a bucket, a kind of giant size bucket that has the ability to pivot around its axis. This accessory is also capable of vertical movement to lift a load.

Suitable for all types of hard terrain, our loader features large tires. With a space-saving volume, it is recommended for work on sites where access is limited. It is also used for other purposes such as moving piles of land. This versatile equipment is recommended for excavating tunnels in mining operations. Advantaged for its multiple functions, it is essential in port handling at the end of unloading.

Range of loaders offered at auction

Our fleet offers a varied choice of inexpensive loaders for all budgets. As an indication, we present you some prototypes without specifying the brands. Note, however, that they may not be available for auction. Minimalist in size but robust in performance, the small model weighs 1.2 tonnes and has a load capacity of 254 kg. Its height is of 1.25m for a width of 91cm. In the medium range, the second-hand loader is a compact tracked machine. With a load capacity of 505kg, it offers optimum productivity. With a weight of 2.4 tons, its height is 1.8m for a width of 1.27m.

Discover the special features of our top-of-the-range skid-steer loader. It has a higher height and a wider platform. Thanks to its powerful hydraulic system, it has increased thrust force and good productivity. A truly versatile machine, it can be used with other accessories such as snow ploughs, lifting arms, grippers… The use of the corresponding hydraulic lever can activate their operation. With a weight of 5.12 tons, this second-hand loader has a load capacity of 1.6 tons. Its height reached 2.12m for a width of 2.13m.

Why choose our second-hand loaders for auction?

Like other machines of this range, these second-hand loaders have an excellent price/quality ratio. Having successfully passed the technical specifications, they are functional and maintain a high level of performance. Buying this handling equipment at auction is therefore a profitable investment. Robust and solid, they also offer a long service life. Note that the latest generation loaders have the advantage of low fuel consumption. With an energy efficiency of 20%, they make it possible to make appreciable savings. Offering optimum driving comfort, the cab features an ergonomic seat. From the integrated control panel, the operator makes the basic configurations and controls the tools.

Did you know that participating in a loader auction represents an undeniable financial advantage? You have the chance to find the equipment that suits your needs and at an unbeatable price well below the argus. This formula therefore represents a great business opportunity. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask for the parts to consult before buying. They notably include the seller’s prior declaration to the National Secure Documents Agency and the vehicle registration document he/she must cross out when the keys are handed over. Also ask for the session certificate that validates the change of owner of the affordable second-hand loader.