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Livestock trucks at auction

Our second-hand livestock trucks are distinguished by their high quality and reliability. Equipped with a robust chassis, they are suitable for the cheap transport of your farm animals.

The characteristics of our second-hand livestock trucks

The transport of your animals requires the use of adapted vehicles such as cattle trucks. To transport large animals such as horses and cattle, it has a single level. Space-saving animals such as poultry are transported with a multi-level semi-trailer. This formula makes each trip profitable. In this case, the cockpit is screened or fitted with a tubular casing to allow maximum ventilation. The robust frame guarantees the safety of the animals during transport. The floor is easy to maintain and well-sealed with a drain plug.

The dimensions of an inexpensive livestock unit vary depending on the model chosen. As an indication, the maximum length is 10 meters, the average width is 2 to 2.50 meters, the average height is 3 meters. The level of access indoors takes into account the morphology and size of the animal, whether it be pigs, sheep or cattle. It should be noted that these cattle are either transported trucks or on commercial vehicles. The interior may or may not have an interior partition to separate the animals. While some models have a fixed roof, others are covered.

Range of livestock for auction

Our park offers a varied choice of auctioned cattle trucks. They are designed by expert manufacturers to meet specific needs. The models thus vary according to the type of farm animals to be transported. The opening space for continuous ventilation of the enclosure takes into account the physiological needs of the animal during movement. Similarly, ventilation must promote the evacuation of vapours from excreta. The distance between the head and the ceiling must be sufficient to ensure any natural movement. It also ensures comfortable breathing.

Second hand cattle trucks can have an aluminium body made of welded folded sheet metal. It has the advantage of being light, reliable and resistant to corrosion. Without rivets, it protects animals from injury. Thanks to this technology, it has a high resistance to shocks and vibrations. The two-seater model is equipped with 2 low axles to facilitate the loading and unloading of cattle. Practical and functional, it has two doors at the rear and a side door. Its non-slip aluminium bottom prevents slipping and offers great safety of use.

What are the advantages of our cattle truck auctions?

Adapted to meet the needs of individuals and professionals, our second-hand cattle trucks guarantee the well-being of animals. Offering security of use, they comply perfectly with European regulations. To avoid the concentration of harmful vapours, they are equipped with a ventilation system. The bodywork complies with the permitted temperature limits between 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. A control system informs the conveyor in the event of a major change. For transports exceeding 65 kilometres, our vehicles meet the required standards: protection against the sun and bad weather, signage for animal transport, complete watertightness of the vehicle, a functional lighting system….

According to their availability, our cheap cattle trucks are offered with comfort equipment and are subject to their availability. The cover and protection cover is suitable for the box equipped with hoops. The tool holder makes it easy to attach the shovel and cleaning brush. Depending on the product, the machine can also integrate safety accessories such as the spare wheel, the anti-theft device for horse vans, the jockey wheel… How to acquire a second-hand cattle truck at a fair price? We invite you to do good business with our auctions!