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Bus auctions

Auctioned buses represent the best opportunity to do good business. They meet the needs of individuals, businesses and communities. We invite you to discover our fleet for bus auctions.

Auctioned bus characteristics

Suitable for urban or peri-urban public transport, our second-hand buses benefit from exceptional quality. In compliance with current standards, their use offers comfort and total safety for users. Practical and functional, they make small and medium distance trips with frequent stops. Equipped with comfortable seats, they are also equipped to receive standing passengers. To make it easier for passengers to get in and out, they have several doors.

Adapted to the needs of the elderly and disabled, these modern, inexpensive buses are low-floor. They may include a retractable ramp. For convenience, most models operate with an automatic transmission. In urban lines with heavy traffic, the articulated bus is recommended. Measuring about twenty meters, it is characterised by its pivot axis connecting the two compartments. Note that all these second-hand buses offered for auction are highly reliable.

The different types of buses available for our customers

To help you do good business, our fleet offers a wide array of buses for auction to choose from. In order to support you in your decision, the buses are categorised according to their size. Compared to the standard bus, the minibus has a limited capacity to carry between 8 and 30 seated passengers. Ideal for low-traffic urban routes, the minibus has 30 to 80 seats. With a width of less than 2.55 meters and a length between 8 meters to 10 meters, it can circulate in narrow streets in a city centre.

The standard bus or bus at auction has a total capacity of about 100 passengers. There are 2 categories: short standard (11 meters long), long standard (13 meters long). Ideal for tourist use, the double-decker bus has two floors. The upper level can be convertible to allow users to admire the panorama of the city. Please note: the vehicles available for auction may vary from one period to another, depending on the market.

What are the precautions to take when choosing a bus for auction?

Our affordable second-hand buses offered for auction have been selected for their quality. To support you in your approach, you must take some precautions. The 3 points to be taken into account are: technical verifications, administrative paperwork and the budget to be provided. Technically, the presence of rust on the wing passages and/or dials is a sign of advanced corrosion. The engine power shall be in accordance with the number of passengers. A vehicle with leaks to repair represents an additional financial burden.

The available administrative papers include the title. With this document, you can identify the owner of the bus at auction as well as the year of purchase. The maintenance logbook makes it possible to check the control reports and the regularity of their frequency. The administrative status certificate shall provide information on the possible existence of an objection on the rolling stock. At the budget level, consider several points: acquisition cost, administrative costs (insurance, license fees…) and contingencies (refurbishment, spare parts…). To do good business: be present when the vehicles are presented. This gives you all the information you need to make the best decision.