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Backhoe loader at auction

Backhoe loaders are machines equipped with mechanical or hydraulic shovels. Essential on building sites, they are dedicated to agricultural work and/or public works.

The characteristics of our second-hand backhoe loaders

A machine designed for large construction sites, second-hand excavators generally rest on caterpillars. Some models are equipped with tyres. Due to its performance and volume, it is intended for civil engineering works. Designed for large developments, it can move on the most rugged and winding terrain. The excavator is characterised by its versatility. It can be used with accessories for construction sites such as metal balls for destruction or buckets. The hydraulic excavator can load, extract and handle a wide range of materials.

Our second-hand backhoe loader is known under other names: backhoe, loader backhoe, backhoe loader or digger in layman’s terms… Robust and handy machine, it is also designed for public works. Due to its smaller size, it is used for smaller construction sites. Also suitable for agricultural work, it is indispensable for collecting manure or digging trenches. It is the emblematic material of professionals who practice in the rural world. Our cheap backhoe loader is actually an agricultural tractor. Resting on tires, it is equipped with an arrow, a balance wheel at the rear and buckets on the front.

Our range of backhoe loaders for auction

Our auction site regularly offers a wide range of used backhoe loaders. Depending on the machines available in stock, you can find the well-known brands in the heavy goods vehicle sector. To meet the needs of professionals on the construction site and in agriculture, our auction offers a wide choice. Whatever the manufacturer, our machines are distinguished by their excellent general condition and the power of their engine. Equipped with spring-loaded seats and handy joysticks, they offer unrivalled driving comfort.

In the range of cheap excavators, our materials range from handy mini excavators to used wheel excavators and hydraulic excavators. Suitable for small excavation jobs, these mini excavators can fit into tight spaces inaccessible by large machines. As for our used backhoe loaders, they are all-purpose machines. Regardless of the model, they impress with their versatility with 3 machines in 1: the industrial truck, the wheel excavator and the loader. Depending on their availability in our fleets, you can find various sizes ranging from 3.5 tons to more than 10 tons.

Why buy a backhoe loader at auction?

As a professional auctioneer, we give priority to the quality of our used backhoe loaders. Before being put on the market, they have passed a technical visit to guarantee their excellent general condition. Equipped with a powerful and reliable motor, they have a high lifting force combined with a large lifting capacity. Acquiring this type of machine in our park therefore protects you from unpleasant surprises. Note that these cheap trucks also benefit from modern technologies: control on the driver’s armrest, automatic transmission, ergonomic cab,…

Did you know that buying a backhoe loader at auction is, above all, a financial advantage? Thanks to this formula, your purchase price can go up to a third of its real value on the official market. If you are looking for an apartment machine in this range, auctioning is the best way to own it at a lower cost. The second advantage is the variety of products that comes to expand our offers regularly. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right model for your needs. How to do good business? Simply participate in our next auction!