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Auctioned lifting and handling equipment

Our range of second-hand lifting and handling equipment consists of varied and good quality work equipment. Participating in our auction is the best option to acquire them at an attractive cost.

The characteristics of our lifting and handling equipment

Handling and lifting accessories are defined by a regulatory text: the French decree of 1 March 2004. These are equipment that are not integrated into a machine. Designed for lifting and moving heavy objects, they are located between the load and the lifting device. The latter includes forklift trucks, lifting platforms and aerial bucket elevators. It also integrates winches, stackers, gantry cranes, overhead cranes… This mechanical handling is used as an alternative to manual handling. It limits the risk of accidents when working on heavy loads, particularly industrial pallets.

Used lifting and handling devices are dedicated for industrial use. They are characterised by the lifting height, the length of the forks, the load they can lift….. You must take this into account to select the products that correspond to your needs. It is good to know that lifting and handling operations are high risk activities. According to statistics, they constitute a major cause of accidents. Choosing accessories that offer maximum safety is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Auctioned lifting and handling equipment

Specialising in the sale of transport and public works (earthwork) machinery and accessories, we offer a wide range of cheap lifting and handling products. Please note that their availability varies according to the contents in our stock. Essential on construction sites, the winch is suitable for winding and unwinding cables with ease. The crane allows the load to move quickly and precisely. It has a cabin in which the operator executes the commands. The gantry crane is suitable for mass storage in ports. Operating independently, it is equipped with a very high load lifting capacity.

The lifting and handling device is also suitable for heavy industries. There are prototypes to lift and move scrap metal, like the overhead crane. Equipped with a high efficiency, it transports the large load to the melting shop. It should be noted that ladles of cast iron or steel can weigh up to several tons. Easy to install and practical to operate, the jib cranes have a variable lifting capacity of up to 2 tonnes. Alternatives to recessed systems, dock plates offer the cheap and economical lifting and handling solution. They move loads between the cars or trucks and the platform.

The assets of our range of auctioned lifting and handling equipment

Lifting and handling equipment installations offer complete safety to users. Compliant with European directives, these machines are of good quality and offer high reliability. This is the reason why most of our devices carry the CE stamp before they are put on the auction market. This legal provision guarantees the mandatory safety, health and environmental requirements. These machines are also subject to strict maintenance pursuant to Article 2 of the Order of 2 March 2004.

How to invest in used lifting and handling equipment? Visit our park and discover the range of available products during the exhibition. This visual observation will help you to evaluate the general condition of the product, its technical characteristics and its performances. Take part in the auction session which will be held in the presence of the auctioneers. Please note: payment is made in cash. Do you want to do good business? Know that this mode of purchase lets you save up to 50% of the price!