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Auction House: how does it work

Companies involved in voluntary sales  commonly known as SVV or allow public auction of used buy or sell property at the best price while benefiting from advantageous guarantees.


There is often a particular rule and friendly atmosphere clean Auction: collector rubs the merchant itself rubs billionaire or an individual wishing to purchase the vehicle of your dreams at the best price.


Call to auction house to buy or sell his used car therefore attracted more individuals and professionals passionate about cars and looking for bargains.


It tells you all about the features of the auction houses in a few points.


Buy Live in competition with professionals, it is necessarily an opportunity to make a good deal!!



Who can sell his vehicle in auction house ?

Anyone can buy or sell in an auction room, on one condition: not to be banned not the law (prohibited banking).

In practice, 95% of car sales at auction are qualified institutional and recognized as local authorities, local, post office, electricity, manufacturers, lessors, lessors, banks, finance companies ….

The individual has no interest in depositing a vehicle for sale, it is worth buying!



How to find an auction house?

Homes auctions, called societies of voluntary sales of chattels by public auction (SVV), must be approved by the Council.

You must first make sure that the auction at which you speak is approved and has the approval number (legal rights).

To find an auction room, nothing simpler than the web or motor newspapers these media are full of places and advertisements for room auctions.



The appraisal of the property at auction

The estimate of the property is a delicate step in any auto auction .

Estimates are validated by institutional sellers who rely under expert teams of specialists whose sales companies have

This estimate is for the fair market price .

The volume of sales is therefore brewed enough to have a fair vision of the automotive market , the day of the sale.

In reality, it is the buyers who determine the price !



Advertising organized by the auction

Before auto auction , the auction house in charge of the sale must organize advertising (web, news , e- mailing) in which certain required elements are indicated: the registration number of the auction the name of the auction , the date and place of sale.



How to make a payment to an auction ?

When buying , the future owner of the vehicle will pay the total amount allotted .

Payment is made in cash, in the week following the purchase at auction . ( cashier’s check , CB , species maximum 3000 euros , bank transfer … )



The auction has just started !!!